Autism affects children in several important areas of development such as social competence and interpersonal relationships, communication, and imagination. Art Therapy and Play Therapy are two powerful tools that help the autistic child to grow and develop in those areas.


  • Art and Play offer a non-verbal avenue of communication that the child can use to overcome verbal difficulties.
  • The child’s visual and kinaesthetic explorations in Art and Play help broaden his/her mental landscape by opening the gateway to the imagination and by bringing flexibility to the child’s thinking.
  • Through the therapeutic rapport the therapist gently engages and develops the child’s interest in a healthy interpersonal relationship that is supportive and nurturing. Mehdi Naïmi’s unique techniques of Art and Play Therapy specifically designed for persons with autism have shown remarkable results in all three areas mentioned above.

For a list of resources on autism, visit the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development or the Adoptive Families Association of B.C.