Life sometimes brings us turmoil.

Trauma, serious illness and disability or a major change may cause such strong feelings as stress, anxiety, depression, or grief. Sometimes we need a guide, a companion, or a witness in our journey to emotional wellness. A good therapist can be all that. Good therapy empowers the person, strengthens the relationship, brings peace to the heart, and joy to life. Finding creative solutions to life’s questions makes all the difference.

Art therapy offers an opportunity to the person to examine and understand the impact of life experiences on all levels of one’s personality; sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Using art materials stimulates the senses and thus bridges the gap between the practical, everyday persona and the unconscious part of the Self that contains relevant memories, important beliefs, and creative ideas. Through art therapy one can connect with and integrate a wide gamut of experiences from internal physical sensations to metaphysical spiritual states …


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Children with

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  • Art therapy is a creative way to get through life challenges.
  • You don’t need artistic talent to see an art therapist.
  • In art therapy you don’t have to make art.
  • Your art therapist does not interpret pictures for you.